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Friday, December 8, 2017

John Haynes Series Progress Report

In between editing The Legendary Mad Matilda, editing E’steem: Ascension and writing new Isis and E’steem stories I’ve been putting together the framework for a new John Haynes series.

The momentum for a John Haynes series has been building for a while. To let readers get to know John, I’ve featured him in numerous Isis series books like Isis: Wrath of the Cybergoddess.

And I took readers into John’s world in Isis: Night of theVampires, E’steem Undercover and Isis: Bride of Dracula as a supporting character. And he’ll be featured in the upcoming Isis: Escape From Translyvania and Isis: Revenge of the Cybergoddess.

John also had his own solo story The Man Who Rules the World in 2016.  And interest in the character has remained strong.

I’ve completed the first story in the series, A Conversation With Death, a short in the style of E’steem: No Good Deed. A Conversation With Death deals with the aftermath of The Man Who Rules The World and will be a teaser to set up the John character and the character transformation arc he’ll go through in his storyline.  

I’m still working out the outlines for the first two stories for the John Haynes series and the members of John’s supporting cast. But E’steem will feature prominently in a John Haynes series. While she has her own series, E’steem is John’s his right hand woman and will always be at his side.

And Lilith Graves from Isis: Night of the Vampires will be a major character in John’s series. While E’steem is his right hand woman, Lililth is his left hand. As someone who knows all about Morris Phillips corporate culture, she gives him some perspective on things he wouldn’t get from E’steem. As an ex-vampire Lilith will give us more insight into the Vampire culture in Lucifer’s Legion.

Claudius Johnson from E’steem: Demons Anonymous will also appear in one of the first two stories I’m planning called Dark Succubus. And he’ll show us some insight into Incubus/Succubus demons and their culture in Lucifer’s Legion.

As for bad guys Lucifer is still the lead villain. However, there will be some new demon rogues like the Succubus, and some of the corporate underlings like Brent Morrison. And depending on how things work out Dracula could possibly make another appearance.

And Brimstone Jack. I gotta bring Brimstone Jack back. Because he’s a demon pimp who sounds like Ice-T. And he’s got demon strippers. And Demon strippers are awesome.

The John Haynes series will be a dark spooky fantasy/horror series in the style of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Ghostbusters and Supernatural. It’ll still follow the keep the Monster High all Grown up theme I established with the E’steem series.

I’m working on trying to get out the first John Haynes story sometime in 2018. So until then pick up his appearances in the Isis series, the E’steem Series, The Man Who Rules the World and The Temptation of John Haynes.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


ISBN: 978-1979924177
ISBN-10: 1979924171


What is a Workplace Simp? A Workplace Simp is a man who puts his career at risk trying to win the favor of a female co-worker on the job. In his quest to get her attention, he costs the company he works for hours of productivity and billions of dollars in court costs and legal fees.

In this book men will learn why Simpin in the workplace has them working against themselves and prevents them from achieving their personal and professional goals on the job.

After many requests, I’ve made one of my more popular eBooks STOP SIMPIN in the Workplace available in paperback! With Stop Simpin in the Workplace men will be able to identify male and female workplace predators and protect their jobs from these individuals who would threaten their livelihoods. 

In these troubling times where sexual harassment allegations from predatory females are taking down prominent men, Stop Simpin In TheWorkplace is essential reading for every man and boy entering the workforce.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Legendary Mad Matilda's Lessons For Black Women

Friday, December 1, 2017

Comic Artists I’d like To See Draw My Characters

Over the last few years I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to see many of my characters drawn by awesome comic artists like Mike Williams, Bill Walko, and Terry Beatty. However, there are a bunch of veteran comic artists I’d love to see draw characters like Isis, John Haynes, E’steem and Matilda Crowley. 

Some of the artists I’d love to render my characters include:

Darryl Banks- I was a big fan of Darryl Banks Green Lantern run back in the 1990’s. And when I look at his comics I could easily see him being the artist on an Isis comic book. I think he’d draw a GREAT Isis and he’d really do a great job of drawing up Isis’ rogues like Amari and The Cybergoddess. And I know he’d draw an AMAZING E’steem!

Keith Pollard- I really like Keith’s style. Very clean and simple. And I think he’d do a great job rendering a character like Isis or John Haynes. I could easily see him doing an Isis or E’steem series cover. Keith Pollard drawing demon E’steem or Demon strippers would look AWESOME!

Josh Howard- I LOVE Josh Howard’s art! And I really want to feature it on a cover. His style really pops and I think he’d draw a really dynamic Isis, E’steem or John Haynes in his style.  And with all the AWESOME Goth girls he’s drawn I know he’d draw an AMAZING Spinsterella.

Rundotexe- Rundotexe submitted digital fanart so AWESOME I had to feature it on the Spinsterella cover. After seeing his STUNNING interpretation of Matilda Crowley I’d love to see what his version of Isis or E’steem would look like on a cover.

George Perez- When I was writing The Man Who Rules the World I imagined it looking like a George Perez comic book in my head. Lots of big epic panels filled with incredible details.

With Perez having a waitlist for sketches, it’d be a longshot to work with him. But whatever he drew would be AWESOME!

Walt Simonson- I LOVE his Thor. And seeing how amazing he made the Norse gods look I wonder what he’d do with the Egyptian gods in New Heliopolis. The way I see it Simonson’s art style+Egyptian Mythology+Black actors=AWESOME! 

John Byrne- Sometimes when I used to write stories I used see panels like a John Byrne comic. And It’d be a dream come true to see Byrne render my characters on a cover or a story. Like Perez, there’s a long waitlist for Byrne art, so it’d be a 99 to1 longshot to ever work on him on a cover or a comic.  

Bruce Timm- Yeah, this is a longshot. But Bruce Timm’s cartoons were a major influence on my writing. And Batman Beyond was one of the major inspirations for my interpretation of the Egyptian gods. And I’d love to see what his versions of Isis, E’steem, John Haynes and Spinsterella would look like. I think he’d make them look Kickass!

John Romita Sr. I think his style is PERFECT for Isis! I’d love to see his version of the goddess next door because he’d give her a great girl next door look. I know a Romita Sr. Isis cover would be a masterpiece!

John Romita Jr. When I was writing Spellbound I actually imagined certain scenes like panels of a JRJR comic. And his run on Daredevil with Ann Nocenti was one of the major influences on the development of the story of Matilda’s babybat years. Seeing how he designed Typhoid Mary, I know His style would be perfect for depicting the grim N’ gritty late 1980s Harlem Matilda Crowley lived in. 

Alex Ross- There’s just so much emotion and energy in his paintings. And I know he’d paint an INCREDIBLE Temptation of John Haynes cover. He’d definitely convey the quiet strength John has and his intensity in a painting.  And he’d convey the humanity behind E’steem’s reptile eyes in the same piece. His rates are extremely expensive, but I think it’d definitely be worth the cost to see Ross’ version of John Haynes.

I’d also love to see Ross’ version of Isis. I think he’d do a great job of conveying the Tomboyish girl next door in her face while conveying the beauty of a goddess. A Ross Isis would be a fun piece to see! 

To work with any of these artists would be an honor. And it’d be a dream come true just to see my characters rendered by some of the legends like Keith Pollard, George Perez, and Walt Simonson. Will I ever work with any of these artists on a cover or a comic in the future? Who knows.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Shawn ROASTS CW’s SJW Crisis on Earth X

What do you get when you mix Nazis, Alternate DC Universes and sour grapes about the 2016 Presidential Election?

The SJW hot mess known as Crisis on Earth-X.

Crisis on Earth X is the second crossover event from Greg Berlanti. After the disaster called Heroes and FAILIENS last year, he decided to go back to the drawing board to craft another crossover between the four CW shows. Only this time instead of half assed adapting a DC Comics, event like Invasion! He decides to use the DC Universe as a soapbox to express his anger about Donald Trump being elected President of the United States.

Good Gravy, Hollywood’s liberals need to get over this shit. If Berlanti really wants to make a commentary about the 2016 Election he’d make a show about the 60% of American White women who voted for Donald Trump in the same way a large majority of White women voted for Adolf Hitler in the late 1930s.

 But SJWs and liberals always give White women a pass. Because White women can never do anything wrong.

Anyway, the opening scene to this SJW Cross-over takes us Earth-X’, a world taken over by Nazis. James Olsen as a Captain America Knock-off goes into action. Unfortunately, this super soldier is killed by Nazi Green Arrow.

Damn. Just Damn. Even on Earth-X James Olsen can’t catch a break.

I just love how Greg Berlanti uses the DC TV Universe as a soapbox to project his unresolved issues about the 2016 Presidential election but still has time to express his racism towards Black men. First five minutes of this crossover and he finds a way to emasculate a Black man.

Don’t you just love the hypocrisy of these SJWs?

Anyway, Nazi Arrow and Supergirl find a machine capable of taking them to other earths. And having conquered their own world, they want to take their Fourth Riech… to other Earths in the DC TV Universe.

Basically Justice Lords +Savage Time+ SJW butthurt over Trump winning 2016 Election = Crisis on Earth X.

I liked both these stories better when they were done on Paul Dini and Bruce Timm’s Justice League 15 years ago. The Justice Lords was a powerful story about what happens when good guys cross the line. And Savage Time shows us what happens when someone time travels and screws up the timeline. Both stories still resonate with viewers because Paul Dini and Bruce Timm weren’t pushing SJW identity politics. They just wanted to tell a story about good guys and bad guys.

That passion for creating a great story isn’t in Crisis on Earth-X. Crisis on Earth X isn’t a crossover event, it’s leftist propaganda posing as a superhero show. It’s designed to manipulate our feelings. The only reasons why Nazis were chosen as the bad guy is because they represent the ultimate evil to liberals, not because they are a formidable threat to the heroes. The Nazis aren’t characters, they’re just stand ins for what Greg Berlanti, and Marc Guggenheim believe Donald Trump and his supporters represent. That’s why they come across as shallow, flat, paper-thin characters.

If Berlanti’s writers had spent some time writing an actual STORY for this event with multidimensional characters the way Paul Dini and Bruce Timm did for the Justice Lords episodes or Savage Time maybe Crisis on Hot Mess it would have been passable. But what the presented onscreen is a HOT mess. One-dimensional characters, a heavyhanded story, cliché dialogue, and absolutely HORRIBLE CGI make this crossover a bigger DISASTER than Heroes Vs. FAILIENS.  

Here’s a tip Berlanti: Keep your personal politics out of DC’s Superhero shows. People watch these shows to watch good guys beat the bad guys, not for you to use them as your personal soapbox to present your personal grievances regarding politics. Yeah, comics make social commentary about the world around us. But what you presented in Crisis on Earth-X showed no respect for the characters or the source material they were based on. It was all about you and your feelings about the 2016 Presidential election.    

I never thought it’d be possible to have a fail bigger than the epic fails of Batman V. Superman and Justice League, but here we are. Crisis on Earth-X isn’t a Superhero Crossover, it’s bad SJW propaganda posing as a superhero crossover. Berlanti, IT’S TIME TO STOP. Don’t do any more events until you can craft a STORY that treats the characters and the source material with the RESPECT THEY DESERVE.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Shawn Reviews Netflix’s The Punisher

The Punisher has had numerous adaptations over the last 28 years. And while many production companies think it’s easy to hit the target for translating a comic about a guy with a bunch of guns who kills criminals into a movie they always miss the mark. Thankfully, Marvel Studios hits the target on the first shot with this Web series.

Netflix’s The Punisher picks up right after Daredevil Season 2. Frank has avenged his family and murdered all the criminals responsible for their deaths. He’s ready to move on. Taking work at a construction site, he’s the quiet guy with a sledgehammer who many think is a little nuts. While he breaks down a wall, he’s dealing with the symbolic wall that keeps him stuck in at a dead end in his life. In the first episode Frank is a man without a purpose and mission. However, as the episode progresses and several of his co-workers recruit a kid named Donnie into a plan to rob a mobster’s poker game Frank breaks down his mental wall when he takes down the hood co-workers and starts to find a purpose again.

The first episode does a great job of establishing Frank’s character his mission and gives us a reason to care about him. The second introduces Franks’ partner Microchip, the guy in the comics who gives Frank his intel and helps him get his weapons. There’s tension between the two dead men, but they begrudgingly start working together to start The Punisher’s war on crime.

There are two subplots, one that features a Female Muslim Federal agent that has the stink of SJW Marvel and another that features a flashback of Frank’s military past that seems like it’s stolen from CW’s Arrow, but they seem to flow into the show organically and don’t impede Frank’s story.  He’s front and center in this series and when he’s on the screen he dominates every frame with his presence.

After watching 1989’s movie with Dolph Lundgren, and looking at the Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson movies, I’d have to say Netflix’s the Punisher is the best adaptation of the character PERIOD. From the visuals to the action, it captures the spirit of a Punisher Comic and brings to life the grittiness of Frank Castle and the New York City he lives in. That’s a major challenge in the gentrified Disneyfied 21St Century New York where there are hipsters and Starbucks everywhere but the production company manages to take us to the darker, grittier parts of NYC in every episode. Frank’s world is full of Mom & Pop shops, rundown tenements and abandoned warehouses. And those dark gritty parts of the city play a great contrast to the gentrified areas in most of the visuals onscreen. It’s those contrasts that take the viewer back to the era of the 1970s and 1980s when The Punisher was a popular character and show you how different Frank’s world is than that of other Marvel Superheroes like Iron Man and Captain America.

What I really like about The Punisher What I like about this series is that it’s a very cerebral show and it has a lot of depth. There’s a lot of symbolism and contrast in the visuals. From Frank breaking down the wall and the story is so compelling that you get sucked in almost immediately. When you watch one episode, you just want to watch more!

After losing a step with shooting Luke Cage with a Judas bullet, stumbling over with the terrible Iron Fist and falling to the ground with the disastrous Defenders Netflix has finally found its footing again with The Punisher. The Punisher shows us what Marvel Studios can do when they maintain their standards and make efforts to stay true to the source material of their comics. Netflix’s Punisher is a top notch show and I highly recommend you check it out. 

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Friday, November 24, 2017

E'steem: Ascension Now Available in Paperback and eBook!

E’steem: Ascension Now Available in Paperback &  e-Readers

E’steem: Ascension
ISBN: 978-1973739456

Bad Girl Gone Good! Good Girl Finds Redemption! Finally granted E’steem’s herald power, D’liah begins her quest to ascend to the next level in Lucifer’s Legion by killing E’steem. In her final battle with D’lilah a powerless E’steem must not only face her greatest challenge, but also face her fears and finally confront the inner demons that have tormented her for thousands of years. 

This is the E’steem story you don’t want to miss! E’steem: Ascension is a major turning point for the E’steem character and is the powerful climax of the first E’steem series story arc. This action packed story concludes several storylines that have been building since The Temptation ofJohn Haynes, and the Isis and E’steem series. And it sets up several storylines that are coming up in the future. So whether you’re a long time reader of the SJS DIRECT Universe or you’re just starting out, this is the book you want to pick up!  YOU WILL GET THE FEELS WHEN YOU READ THIS ONE!

And if you’re picking up E’steem: Ascension, don’t forget to pick up many of the titles that are part of the SJS DIRECT Black Friday sale!